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El WeatherMeter de firma WeatherFlow da continuidad a la APP de Vaavud.

WeatherMeter es un dispositivo de alta precisión, con conectividad bluetooth, para obtener mediciones de viento, temperatura, humedad y presión atmosférica.

La comunicación inalámbrica puede llegar a 30 metros y es compatible con muchas aplicaciones publicadas en iOS y en Android, como puede ser la app de Vaavud, que ya hemos visto en entregas anteriores.

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Precio aproximado: 79€



October 2018 — Update from Vaavud founder Thomas Helms.

Vaavud Inc is now legally out of business. Don’t worry, WeatherFlow Inc has agreed to keep the existing Vaavud app running by hosting the app code on its servers — your Vaavud meter should continue functioning with the Vaavud app.

As you may know, Vaavud meters are not compatible with newer iPhones and some Android phones. Fortunately, WeatherFlow meters do work with the latest iOS and Android devices and WeatherFlow is offering a 20% discount for Vaavud customers through the end of October.  Use coupon code at checkout: VAAVUDOCT2018 .

This will likely be the last email from me, but, the team at WeatherFlow will follow up when there is new information about your Vaavud meter or WeatherFlow devices. They have been around for a long time and they make great products, so you will be in really good hands with them.

Thomas Helms
Co-founder & CEO

Note:  We had previously intended to support Vaavud meters within the WeatherFlow Meter app, but unfortunately the integration proved not to be feasible.

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